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Spiced Nuts! – Perfect Fathers Day Present!

Stuck for Ideas for dad – no need to panic, spiced nuts are always a winner!

SEVENo1 Designs

Dad’s love nuts. The crunchy, spicy kind! 

Watching Better Homes & Gardens last night Fast Ed made spiced nuts – Perfect gift for dad!

And super easy to whip up, if you find yourself wondering what to get dad or your husband care of your little ones.

Now I am dabbling in Sugar-Free recipes at the moment and decided to make my own version.

You will need:
1 cup Cashews
1 cup Almonds
1 cup Walnuts
1 cup Peanuts
1/3 cup Pepitas
1/3 cup Pretzels
2 tblsp Coconut oil or butter
2 tblsp Rice malt syrup (If not sugar free just use brown sugar)
1 & 1/2 tblsp Curry Powder
1 tspn Cayenne pepper
1 tspn Ground Cumin
1 tspn Cinnamon (Plus extra for sprinkling on after)
Sea Salt

Preheat oven to 160 degrees (c)
Combine nuts and pretzels in a bowl.

photo 1

In a saucepan over medium heat, melt coconut…

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How To Make Beaded Salad Servers

Today we are going to learn how to jazz up your salad servers

or make a snazzy gift for a loved one…..

I originally saw this idea on an episode of Better Homes & Gardens but when I went to their website I couldn’t find the tutorial so I have had to improvise!


You will need:

  • Salad Servers (or any other utensils you want to decorate)
  • Designer Wire
  • Beads (I have used glass and little metal beads)
  • Scissors or Pliers

IMG_1953 IMG_1954 IMG_1952 IMG_1955

STEP 1: Set out the beads in the pattern you want to use and thread it onto the wire (Still attached to the roll)


We do it like this instead of cutting the wire and having a big mess of it to handle.

With all the winding, it can get bends and knots in it, so by having the beads already on the roll there is no need to cut the wire until the end.

(Also helps to avoid getting halfway through and realizing you didn’t cut enough wire!)

STEP 2: Start at the end closest to the utensil and place about 1.5 cms of the wire down the back of the handle.

You will start winding the wire OVER this, which keeps it in place.



Back of the utensil

You want to wind the wire very tight and close together. Ensure it sits flat and doesn’t go on top of itself.

Just keep pushing the wire close together as you wind it.


Front of the utensil

Once you have wound the wire a number of times (say around 10), you can start working your beads into it.


STEP 3: Bring your first bead onto the front of the utensil and hold it firmly in place while you continue to wind the wire.

As you keep winding, the bead will become secure.

To keep it evenly spaced, count how many times you wind the wire.

It will depend how big your beads are, as to how many times you need to wind the wire so they sit flat next to each other.

For this design, I did 10 winds of wire between each bead


STEP 4: Continue until you have worked all your beads into the design.

As you add the beads and wind the wire, ensure the beads are lined up where to you want them. (Once it is finished it will be hard to move them).

Keep winding after the last bead to ensure it is secure

I like to leave some room at the base of the utensil to make it easy to hold


STEP 5: Cut the wire, leaving enough to wind it a few more times.



STEP 6: Take the end of the wire and at the back of the utensil, weave it underneath the last wind of wire and then pull it through to create a knot.


Do this 2 times to ensure it is secure.

STEP 7: Cut the remaining wire as close to the utensil as possible


STEP 8: Use the flat edge of the scissors/pliers to push the knot flat.



Beautifully, elegantly decorated Salad Servers!


STEP 9: Invite your friends and family over and serve your delicious salad with your amazing creation!

And don’t stop at salad servers, try and add some beads to whatever you can get your hands on…



A Cake Slice perhaps? 

STEP 10: Be prepared for everyone to expect a set next Christmas😛


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It has been busy busy here!

There have been lots of things happening so I thought I would do a super quick recap, which ties me over until I have time to do a proper post on each one!


First off…


Ombre Cake for my mum. I was home for Christmas and her birthday falls just after, so without any equipment or tools, my beautiful friend helped me bake a yummy lemon mudcake. um YUM!



Next, my mothers group got together to celebrate our toddlers 2nd birthday! A rainbow theme, so I whipped these up…




The kids loved them!

On to my son’s 2nd birthday. He is right into diggers and trucks and anything that makes a noise! So we had some little constructions cupcakes for the day.


And then for his party, we had a digger cake!


He was so so excited when he saw it!

Then there was a very, very, last minute birthday cake for my niece. I got word she didn’t have a cake and was coming to my house, so I put together this for her…



The next cake was for an artist. I had a photo of her painting printed on edible paper and made into a canvas…

1796604_10151963435770924_528694645_n (2)

She was so surprised!

Next, I had a friend coming over for morning tea, so I made these cute little rainbow cakes for us to enjoy…



This weekend just gone, I went to a Cake Bake and Sweets show which was AMAZING!!!

There were so many talented cake makers,  it was crazy!

I was lucky enough to do 2 short classes (45 mins each) and put together this adorable cookie and bunny cake topper



I got my photo with Handi, from Handi’s cakes and then watched cake guru Duff Goldman. Super Super cool!

So as you can see, it really has been busy! Can’t wait to show you what else I have been working on.

Stay Tuned🙂 x x

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Construction Truck Boy’s Party Theme

I am OVER the moon to wake up today and see that the party I did for my son’s 2nd birthday, has been featured on one of my favourite party websites!

Spaceships and Laser beams!


You can find the post here

Be sure to have a good look around their site as they have lots of great party ideas. There are on facebook so if you haven’t liked them you can here.

And while you are there, make sure you like us too!

I will be posting all the nitty gritty on the party and of course the cake in the coming weeks, so stay tuned🙂

x x x

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Lalaloopsy Cupcakes

Before my nieces 5th birthday, I had never heard of Lalaloopsy. However Lalaloopsy is very very cute and very popular!

And so Lalaloopsy cupcakes were in order…


I found the original design for these toppers here.

I started by making the faces and disks for them to sit on. I always work with fondant and a hardening agent like tylose powder.


Followed by their hair, which of course is every colour you can think of!



I left these to harden while I made some bows, eyes, rosy cheeks, number 5’s and buttons.

My button mould was not cooperating, so I actually used a button and a toothpick to make these.


I like to wait until everything is nice and hard before I put them together. I just use a paintbrush with a tiny bit of water.

Then I used an edible marker to add the details.

And presto…


Lalaloopsy Cupcake Toppers!! 

And for the cupcakes I love vanilla with cream cheese frosting, so that is what I made!


Cupcakes + ridiculously cute toppers =



Happy Birthday to my gorgeous niece!



Don’t mind if I do…



x X x

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Christmas Cupcake Wreath

Christmas is very fast approaching!

And what a wonderful way to celebrate the festive season, with a very cute cupcake wreath!


This idea was sent to me by a client. Now one little wreath is quite easy to put together however, this order was for 19 of them! All to be delivered on the same day.

photo 1 photo 5

This was biggest job my kitchen has ever seen. It took some serious planning to pull off.

My shopping List:

3.6kgs SR Flour
3.6kgs Caster Sugar
4kgs dark choc
4.2kgs cream cheese
48 eggs
4.2kgs butter

Holy moly.

photo 1

First things first – make the decorations…

Bows, Bows Bows.

IMG_2113 IMG_2114

I found the very best tutorial on bow making. After the first few, they get much easier!

Next is the gingerbread men


photo 4

On to the Christmas Flowers. I used calyx flower cutters simply because I think they look so pretty.


photo 3

My favourite, the little snowmen.

I couldn’t find my snowman cutter, so I improvised and used a number 8. Perfectly shaped like a plump little snowman.

photo 5 photo 1 IMG_2111 photo 4photo 5

photo 4

Some pretty snowflakes, that I painted with edible glitter. So sparkly and pretty!

photo 2IMG_2107

photo 2

Plus some candy canes

photo 4

photo 2

And obviously some cupcakes…

photo 5

270 of them to be exact.

Yes, 270 of them. And believe me when I say this picture is not even half of them! There were cupcakes EVERYWHERE!

Put all these pretty decorations together with some green frosting…



photo (10) IMG_2121 IMG_2120 IMG_2119 IMG_2118 photo 3 photo 1

Such a nice thing to send someone for Christmas! I might send myself one next year hehe

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! x

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A Beautiful Baby Shower

Except it wasn’t a traditional baby shower….

It was a Welcome Shower, since the baby had already arrived!!


And what a lovely idea, to celebrate once the baby is born and then you get to show her off!

That’s exactly what my sister-in-law did and I was lucky enough to be invited to host such a lovely event, with one of her friends!

In preparation for the big day, I went shopping for supplies…


WARNING: There may or may not have been QUITE a lot of sugar involved in this celebration.

I also may have found the prettiest cupcake cups ever made…


And my kitchen may or may not have been a total disaster zone in the baking phase…


I started cutting out bits and pieces of coloured fondant for cupcake toppers and left them to dry.


I then put them together to come up with these…


Such a simple, yet effective design. (Original design)

I used an icing gel pen to add the intricate details and water to stick the flower, birds and leaves on.

Next I baked some chocolate mud and vanilla cupcakes.


And yes they cracked on top, but let me tell you – if you had of tasted them, you would not care one little bit.

They were amazing!!

They are from a new recipe, I had been sent by a good friend. She is now an even better friend, because they are delicious!🙂

I also washed and dried some strawberries, that were destined to be covered in chocolate and decorated with coloured white chocolate. Just to jazz them up a bit!

IMG_5180 IMG_5200

Next we have cake pops.

Ahhh cake pops.

These delicious little balls of vanilla and white chocolate, were a total and utter pain in the NECK to make!!!


I cheated and bought a cake pop maker.

Which technically is a ‘bake pop’. Because a ‘cake pop’ is made from an already baked and frosted cake that is turned into mush and then moulded (usually by hand), into little balls and put on a stick.

(Anyway let’s not get weighed down with specifics, I will stick with calling them cake pops since that is what everyone knows them as!).

So yes, they were trickier than I anticipated.

* Making the little golf ball looking cakes is the easy part: Make the batter, place in the electric machine and in a few minutes you have cake pops. Leave to cool, put melted chocolate on a stick and into the cake. Leave to harden and set in the fridge. (But not too long or when you cover them with chocolate, it will crack).

* Then use melted chocolate to cover them. And watch it go everywhere, as it runs down the stick that you so carefully decorated with pretty tape. Let them set.

* Repeat the above step and become even more frustrated. Avoid throwing them against the wall. Leave overnight in the fridge. Go to bed and calm down.

*** And in the morning, be surprised because they look quite pretty!! ***

Add a little fondant flower and you are good to go!


OK, now on with something much less frustrating… making a pretty name sign:


I found some beautiful paper, that I cut to size and punched holes in the top of.


I used pre-cut letters to spell out her name and attached them using double-sided tap. The trick is getting very thin double-sided tape, that way it doesn’t show up at all.

IMG_4765 IMG_4766

I then used some matching lace ribbon to thread them on.


And ta-da!



So onto the best bit – the actual Welcome Shower!

The Styling:

We used Mason Jars as glass, with the prettiest straws I have ever seen!


(And no the jars didn’t come with the holes in the lids – my darling hubby had to drill each one and then file it to take the rough edges away. And he forgot until the day before the party hehe)

We had a beautiful selection of homemade Jams for homemade scones, made by my sister-in-laws dear friend.


We had classic strawberry, strawberry and vanilla, lemon butter and lemon and passionfruit butter. And boy were they good!!

We served them up in one of my most beautiful possessions….

My Tiffany Blue Tray with gold trim.

I bought this along with the beverage dispenser from The Little Big Company.

They have lovely, lovely things so pop over and have a browse!


We served homemade iced tea and this delicious punch:

*A tin of lychees including the syrup
* Mint
* Rose petals
* Cranberry Juice or cordial

Everybody LOVED it!


The pretty cups, plates and napkins came from Party & Co. Friendly, fast and efficient – definitely recommend them for all your party needs.

We had a selection of teas, which smelt divine when they were brewing!


We used Mason Jars to put flowers in. Another favourite thing of mine….


So so so (I could keep going…) pretty!


The Food:

Choc mud & vanilla cupcakes, with vanilla cream cheese frosting (so so good)

IMG_5282 IMG_5281 IMG_5279 IMG_5278 IMG_5277 IMG_5193

And of course… Cake Pops!

Vanilla and white choc flavoured.


And some fresh fruit just thrown in for good measure!


We also had:

* Fresh sandwiches
* Quiche
* Meatballs

We set up a craft table where guests were asked to decorate a page with pictures pertaining to a letter of the alphabet.

i.e. If decorating the ‘A’ page, they could draw an apple or an aeroplane…


The pages will be laminated and bound, to make baby’s first alphabet book!

I also made up some name stickers, since not everyone knew each other.


So easy to make – I found a pretty image online and then copy and pasted it onto a free Avery labels template and printed them onto labels.

We also had a candy buffet (for some reason I didn’t get a proper photo of it!)


We had coconut ice, marshmallows, musk sticks, choc mint balls and wafers (4 types of wafers to be exact… can you tell they are also one of my favourite things hehe)

And there you have it – my first ever fully styled event! 




What a lovely day it was! 

Can’t wait to share what is coming up in the next few weeks!!!

And yes it is to do with Christmas!🙂


1st Wedding Anniversary Paper Ideas

ONE YEAR on of married bliss….

and time to think about a first anniversary present!

Traditionally, gifts for the first year are based on the theme of paper. The modern themes include Clocks, Plastic, Gold Jewelry.

(For the low down on both, visit anniversariesbyyear).

I really wanted to do the paper thing, so I asked friends for some ideas.

These are a few of them:

* Get a hardback copy of his favourite childhood book and write something lovely inside.

* Awards – Best hubby, Hottest man alive, Something kinda corny, but sentimental.

* Homemade vouchers he can use to cash in things ie: control of the telly remote one night, pass to play golf with the boys etc, or you could make them ‘raunchy’

* Write him something heartfelt on a piece of paper – tell him why you married him, why the last year has been the best of your life and why you’ll be by his side for the rest of your days.

* Get some saucy photos done

* An e-reader, the new age version of paper!

Pretty great ideas hey!

I also thought about concert tickets or a gift voucher for an experience, like driving a Ferrari or something but decided to keep brainstorming!

I then turned to to help my creative thought process. I found these beautiful paper origami cranes:


You can find them here

I thought they would look beautiful in a frame! My husband travels a lot for work and he is very fond of Asia, so I thought that would be quite fitting.

Unfortunately, the postage to get them to me in time was ridiculously expensive, so that idea was out. I thought perhaps I could teach myself to make them, buy pretty paper and knock some together.

I then came to my senses and decided that was not going to happen!

So onto the next idea…

For our wedding, we had our placards made from plantable, recycled paper.


Meaning, the guests could take them home, plant them and grow beautiful flowers. Pretty cool huh!

I suddenly thought, perhaps I could get the same lady to make me some hearts to put in a frame.


Of course, she is in the States, so shipping and time were again an issue.

However, I liked the hearts idea and decided that I could get some pretty paper and make my own hearts.

So I did just that!


I used scrapbooking paper with different patterns but a similar colour scheme.

  • I used one with text, (‘I love you, together, forever’.. awwwww)
  • one with a vintage atlas print (Again the traveling for work thing)
  • and a more solid pattern to tie them in together.
  • I used the dark background paper, that had splashes of colour to highlight the hearts.
  • I used 3D foam squares to make the hearts pop out! They give the hearts a great effect~

He LOVED it! And to be honest, so do I.

And I love that he didn’t think I made it! He thought I had bought it in a shop, perfect result!

And what is even better – is this could suit any occasion or theme! Birthdays, Baby showers, Nursery’s…. the list goes on! 

I also gave him a card (with a heartfelt message) and with some scratchies inside. A bit lame I know – but hey if we won, we would win lots of money (which used to be made of paper) haha!

BUT what he gave me was even better!

In a few weeks, we are going on holidays to where we got married.

He made this beautiful sign, so we could go back to where we had our photos taken and take some more, 1 year on!


Is that SWEET or what?!?

I might add, that he also gave me a voucher for a spa treatment, to use on our holiday!

A-Mazing hey!

So it would seem that paper themed presents, can be really quite wonderful😉

….. Also, just for something different, we decided to send our thank you cards 1 year on! 


Since we had a destination wedding, we thought it would be fun to reminisce about the special time we all spent away together!

We had our lovely cards made by this lady and then hand wrote each one. I bought some cute little love heart stickers to place over the ‘stamp’ section, since I didn’t use them as actual postcards.

We have had some lovely thank you messages from our guests, to say how nice it was to receive our cards one year one!

I also wrote one out to hubby, for us to keep and read each anniversary! (nawwwww cute hey)

Happy 1st Anniversary to Us! x x x


The Very Hungry Caterpillar Party

I am in planning mode for my sons 2nd birthday (A digger party!!) however, I realised that I am yet to post in full the Very Hungry Caterpillar Party we had for his 1st Birthday!

My goodness that has gone fast!!!

So without further ado, here it is….!

photo 5-2

The Very Hungry Caterpillar book was one of the first books we started reading to him. He liked to put his fingers in the holes of the food and still does! We decided it was the perfect theme for his 1st birthday party, so we went a little bit crazy with everything VHC related. And boy is that easy, since there is so much stuff available!

Target have a huge range of VHC outfits, toys and accessories. We got his little outfit for the party from there, along with a ride on caterpillar that we gave him for his first Christmas.

Now on with the party:

I had the invites done by QTpartyDesigns. It was made as a digital file for a few dollars and I went and printed it at Office Works. Super easy.

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 3.51.06 PM

I also had some other printables made by them, like this cute ‘sign the book’ sign.

All the guests wrote a special message to Flynn inside – such a wonderful keepsake!


I made a little caterpillar pen to go with it. Very easy, just pipe-cleaners wrapped around a pen and some wobbly eyes stuck on a pom pom.

I also made some food signs and stickers myself – which were actually quite easy, once you have a play around on the computer! I then just printed them onto adhesive paper and labels.

On with the food…

Sticks n Dip – Perfect idea for little people, they love to have their own cups, with their own dip AND the added bonus of not worrying about double dipping!

Caterpillar Sandwiches – I used a cookie cutter to cut out the body, added sultanas for the feet and then a tomato for the head! I used a food marker for the eyes and nose and toothpicks for the antennas. It was a crowd favourite!

IMG_1470 IMG_1460


Holy fruit! – My husband, the good sport he is – put tiny holes in each and every piece. The kids thought it was great!

And you can’t go wrong with chocolate covered strawberries – a little treat for the adults!

IMG_1492 IMG_1493

Then to try and minimise the sugar load on the children I used shot glasses for the sweets:

  • Caterpillar Food – Green M&M’s
  • Caterpillar Eggs – Jelly Belly’s
  • Butterfly Treats – Iced Biscuit Drops

IMG_1463 IMG_1458

We also served popcorn in paper cups and mini hot dogs – with tomato sauce, mustard and relish – Delicious!


We used mini dinner rolls heated in the oven and mini frankfurts.

These were so popular and they went fast!

I think we will do these for the next party, mainly because I had 4 or 5 of them haha!

We also had spinach and feta triangles and chicken kebabs with capsicum, carrot, broccoli and onion, cooked on the BBQ – YUM!

Another cute little party food are these Babybel Cheeses! I used a craft knife to carve them and a food marker for the eyes. A post on these little darlings will follow soon.

photo 4-15photo 2

For dessert we had Dirt Cups!

Layers of chocolate rainbow rocks, chocolate custard and Oreo dirt! On top is some green coconut grass and a little worm!

IMG_1445 photo 1-15

These cute little wooden spoons are from Sweet Style. They have the most amazing things, so please check their website out!!

I then stamped them with a ladybug stamp, to keep with the bug/caterpillar theme!

IMG_1495 IMG_1496

For Drinks we had some deliciously refreshing Lemon Ginger Drink, with mint and lemonade – care of Jamie Oliver’s recipe.

I served it in jugs with edible flowers , that I had frozen to make flower ice cubs! Post to follow!


For the little ones, we had Butterfly Water & Caterpillar Juice. I made the labels myself which is actually pretty easy.  A bit of measuring and guessing and some sticky tape and


we have cute labels! Again popular with the little ones. Names on them would have been even better – always next time😛


As for the decorations, I made a caterpillar time line showing photos from birth to one.

I just did this using a collage app on my computer, simply because 1 photo for each month was just not enough haha!

I then used a dinner plate, to cut out some circles of green card for the body and red for the head. I used double sided tape to attach the photos, because I wanted to be able to take them off and use them in an album after the party.


My darling mum made some bunting, table runners and little flags from VHC fabric for decorations and of course we had lots of balloons!

IMG_1462photo 5-4

For games: we played pin the head on the mini caterpillar.


And no party is complete without pass the parcel! I wrapped little presents and balloons in each layer so everyone got something. The final prize was a Very Hungry Caterpillar art set! The winner was over the moon and so was I because I had picked it up from a discount store, so it didn’t cost me a fortune!

Oh and we had bubbles. Kids love bubbles!

I just made up some little caterpillar stickers and some pretty green ribbon to jazz them up!


For party bags: I really wanted to limit the sugar that was going home with the kids, so I individually bagged everything. This kept the parents and the children happy, as they could decide how many lollies or what bag they could have.


Every one got some bubbles with their lollies and the babies got a book.


The older children got a pack of stickers and a pet ladybug in a tiny box.

They were a real hit! The kids thought it was so novel to carry around their little pets! They gave them names and wouldn’t put them down!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Super easy: A tiny cardboard box like a match box, sticky backed green felt and a little sticky ladybug, from the scrapbooking section at the craft shop! I added the ribbon and tied it in a bow with a little note.

And drum roll please…..


IMG_1453_2 photo 1-19 IMG_1448IMG_1449

Made by yours truly!!! Which of course you can find details posts about how to make – here, here & here! 

It was my very first cake and it was DELICIOUS!!!

IMG_1506photo 4-11 photo 3-15

We had so much fun. We got lots of lovely presents and the children had such a good time!

We had one very tired little caterpillar afterwards🙂



Sugar Free Cupcakes

Sugar-free cupcakes is there such a thing I hear you say?

Well yes there is and I can say that they can even be delicious and sugar-free.

A common misconception is that sugar-free means taste free, boring and and basically awful.

Not the case. Often sugar-free just means free from white or refined sugars.

Here are some amazing sugar-free babies from Paper & Poppies that a dear friend sent me.


Chocolate s’more & Mocha sugar-free cupcakes – YUM, YUM, YUM and did I say, YUM?!?

SO… there are lots and lots of sugar alternatives. My favourites are Rice Malt Syrup, Nativa & Xylitol.

You can always use Raw Honey, Maple Syrup or even apple or banana puree depending on how sugar-free you are and if you are avoiding fruit and high fructose foods.

Anyhoo I am not going to get into all that right now, there are lots of sugar-free and paleo advocates out there that can tell you all about it. For me I am just looking for healthy, easy, tasty options.

I must say that one source for sugar-free recipes that I am using a lot lately is Sugar Free Mum. The recipes she posts have pretty normal, sensible ingredients and so far I haven’t made anything I haven’t liked and neither has my husband for that matter! (Extra points for his approval!!)😛

So anyway on with the sugar-free cupcakes!

I came across this recipe from SFM for Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream.

Vanilla Cupcakes: 
1/2 cup of coconut flour
1/4 teaspoon of baking soda
pinch of sea salt
4 eggs
1/3 cup coconut oil or butter
1/2 cup rice malt syrup or raw honey
1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract

– Preheat oven to 175C.
– In a large bowl, combine the dry ingredients and mix well.
– Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and using an electric mixer, blend.
– Using a cupcake mould tray, line with cupcake papers.
– Fill each cupcake paper approximately 3/4 with batter.
– Bake for approximately 20 minutes or until cooked {to test, insert a clean knife into the center of a cupcake. If it comes out clean, it’s ready}.
– Take out of the oven and cool on a wire rack.

Easy Peasy!

Next is the icing. I decided to improvise a little with the icing simply because I wanted something a bit creamier.

So This is what I came up with:

Chocolate Vanilla Buttercream Icing
165g butter, softened
60g dark chocolate, must be 70% cocoa or higher
2 tablespoons Xylitol (Not as chemically terrible as it sounds, found naturally in fibrous fruits and vegies such as plums and corn)
2 tablespoons coconut cream (the top layer from the can, nice and creamy)
2 tablespoons cacao powder – sifted
1 tablespoon pure vanilla essence

  • Chop chocolate and melt. I always use the microwave and do it very gently. Heat, Rest, Stir and continue until it is all melted and glossy, no lumps!
  • Meanwhile Whip softened butter, sifted cacao powder and Xylitol  with an electric mixer until nice and creamy.
  • Slowly pour in the melted dark chocolate while mixing.
  • Next add the coconut cream and pure vanilla essence and continue to mix until nice and fluffy.
  • Using a piping bag (you can get disposable ones from most supermarkets) pipe the buttercream on cooled cupcakes.

Note: The buttercream does set firm so work quickly. If you mess around too much it will not pipe very smoothly.

So what do you decorate sugar-free cupcakes with?

Would it be so wrong to make cute fondant (read 100% sugar) cupcake toppers? hehe😀

No I don’t think so because you can easily just take them off!

So since these little darlings were for a friend’s birthday and since my friend has a love for horses I decided to make some cute little toppers to decorate them with.

photo 1-1 photo 2-1

All very easy to whip up. I did them in my son’s afternoon sleep – which let me tell you is unfortunately not very long!

I added Tylose powder to make them dry hard and left them out to dry.

Once everything was set I used water to put them together

photo 4

Then placed them on the pipped cupcakes

photo 3

And into a pretty box to suprise her with!

photo 2

And she was suprised. VERY suprised when I told her they were sugar free! (once you took the topper off hehe)

They were delicious and guilt free!

So give the sugar-free thing a try, you will be suprised too x x

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Check out my blog for all things crafty, arty and fun.


poetry and prose about place

Dee Drin

The more you create, the more you'll want to create.

Bucket List Publications

Indulge- Travel, Adventure, & New Experiences

This crazy road called life

Check out my blog for all things crafty, arty and fun.

Diary of a Ladybird

Check out my blog for all things crafty, arty and fun.

Vanilla Bean Baker

Your Special Occasions Are My Business. Custom Decorated Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookies

Check out my blog for all things crafty, arty and fun.

The Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle

Check out my blog for all things crafty, arty and fun.

Check out my blog for all things crafty, arty and fun.

Happy Cakes Bakes

Check out my blog for all things crafty, arty and fun.

Check out my blog for all things crafty, arty and fun.

Cherry Chip

Check out my blog for all things crafty, arty and fun.

Polka Dot Bride

Inspiring Weddings - Most Loved Australian Wedding Blog

The Pioneer Woman

Plowing through Life in the Country...One Calf Nut at a Time

The Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle

Check out my blog for all things crafty, arty and fun.

Glorious Treats

Check out my blog for all things crafty, arty and fun.

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